Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As I write this, there's a cat FREAKING out below...

Hey, all!

Folks...I am so sorry for not having written in a while. I have SO MUCH to tell you all! For example, on Friday night, I hung out for about five hours with La Historiadora de Moda, her husband M, Herr Doktor, and the chemist-coture (all - except for M, although he's been featured himself - from the late, lamented Fashionable Academics blog which brought us all so much joy). Hung out, people!

... Jealous?

Unfortunately, because I'm a moron, I didn't pack my camera. But I did meet them. And I plan to stalk them forever. So THERE!

In other, I'm in Greece. Yup! After Friday's ridic socializing, my husband and I got our acts together and packed like mofos for our Monday morning trip. Since we arrived at Athens at 2:15 AM (local time), I was convinced we'd get in, say a quick hello to the family, and fall asleep, waking up eight-to-ten hours later with no traces of jet lag. HA. No. Our plane arrived at 2:45 AM. By the time we got back to the house AND ate a meal (I'm not kidding), it was past 5 AM. I'd just like to say that I've spent more hours asleep than awake today. Because I'm amazing at planning to not have jet lag.

Also, because of idiocy and distractions ('House Hunters,' people! What can I do?!), I might have made the worst packing decisions of my life. I brought a lot of stuff that I might need, and didn't bring some stuff that I definitely need. Like, I didn't pack my Sanskrit dictionary. Granted, I won't be doing much Sanskrit in Germany - and there's an online one I like fine and I'm sure my friends/colleagues/professors can spare me an extra - but I wanted it for security. We should all be lucky that at least I packed a hard copy of my dissertation so that I won't look like a totally unprepared asshole during my defense...

Anyway, our Athenian home continues to be freakin' amazing and both my husband and I have guiltily admitted to finding it way more luxurious than our full-time Boston home. Oh, well. In other news, shopping has already been done, so both my husband and I will be sporting new duds on Saturday evening, for our cousin's wedding. I'm excited to show that off to you all.

And, yeah, that's my life. Well, some of it.

Welcome to Chalkdust and Boots, absent-minded summer edition!


  1. You met some of FA? Jealous! And you're in Greece? Also jealous. Have a fun time!

  2. Another vote for total jealousy of your Greece trip (ok so I'm bitter that I can't get my butt out of New England, lol) Hope everything goes well!!

  3. I loved meeting you, and we will have to hang out again some day! In the meantime there are the internetz. I expect a full report of the wedding and of Greek adventures!

  4. I am jealous of the socializing and jet-setting. Will we get pictures of your home there? I can understand that you might want to sleep with your Sanskrit dictionary for reassurace.

  5. Thanks, Allison! Greece is being enjoyed a lot so far (although mostly in a sleepy-time way and far, far away from the central square in Athens)!

    Anne - you have no idea how cool I felt on Friday while just "casually" hanging out with members of FA.

    Thanks, Cassy! We have extra bedrooms...

    Yay, Raquelita! Yay for the internetz! And there will most CERTAINLY be reports...

    Terri - you totally get the only reason as to why I wanted my Sanskrit dictionary in the first place. :) I was thinking of clutching it in my lap during the defense... Hmmm, there MIGHT be pictures of the Greek homefront - I never thought about it!