Thursday, June 23, 2011

I...don't know what to say!

It's not like I didn't PLAN to post an outfit today. It's just... I didn't have time to take a photo before going out for my tutoring sessions. And then when I get home, I got into PJs immediately. Plus, it didn't help that my seven-year-old tutee informed me that I must be having a baby because I looked fat. The word "fat" (in English!) was used. I'm so glad I'm never seeing her again (although her mother told me to call them when I get home from Europe...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!). So...maybe it wasn't the most flattering outfit ever?

Then I felt bad, so I thought I would post a hair interlude, because I've fallen in love with yet another celebrity's hairstyle (which I can totally recreate). But THEN I found out that, uh, last week (oops! Yay for stupid dissertation work!) the wonderful Cassy [seriously - how does she just nonchalantly apply make-up like it ain't no thang?!] had passed on an AWARD to me! An AWARD! My first one!!!! I'm speechless, people.

I'm stylish, y'all

And now I have to share seven things about me. Again. Do I have seven more facts to share? Okay, here goes...

1) I canNOT handle scary movies. For real. I saw 'The Ring' (the American version, no less) my senior year of college (this would be spring of 2003) and I'm still not over it. For real. I can't talk about it, even. If there's a scary commercial on TV, I will cover my eyes and sing "LALALALALALA."  That being said, I just finished watching 'Rosemary's Baby,' which I can watch again and again. If you don't show me anything scary, I'll be fine. Of course, my husband - who was brought up in a devout Orthodox home - is freaking out, despite having suggested the movie. 

2) I came to the conclusion recently that I could live on plain white rice. Well, not "live on it" per se, but rather, "have it at every meal." I really love rice, y'all. Put a little salt/olive oil on it? Yes. Vinegar? Sure. CHEESE? Let's do it. I really love rice. 
... But do not serve me brown rice. I'll hate you. (And, yes, I know it's better for me. Screw off.)

3) If I had unlimited funds (what up, full-time salary next year! And we found out that my husband got a raise!), I would buy more jewelry. Despite my ridiculous love for boots, I will ALWAYS stop and look in the window of a jewelry store. Especially in foreign countries. It drives my husband NUTS.

4) My dream in life is to move to another country. A few years ago, my husband (then fiancé) and I informed everyone that we were moving to Athens. Then we got jobs that offered actual salaries (we were graduate students at the time). And here we are. Sometimes, I still dream of giving it all up, packing up my husband and my cat, and moving to a garret in Paris and writing poetry while munching on a baguette (in this fantasy, I don't have Celiac Disease). Rome works, too. Athens is the ideal, but ... huh. 

5) I firmly believe that most women go through a short hair phase (I would say "all women," but I don't want to get indignant comments from you all saying that I'm an idiot). Almost every single female friend I know has chopped off (or considered chopping off) all her hair at some point. Similarly, I think that the female world is divided into short-haired and long-haired women. Although I had super-long hair for some years, I always considered myself a short-haired person. And here I am. 

6) If I had to do it all over again, I would get a degree in comparative linguistics. Or, if I were a total masochist, I would get a second degree. And it would be in comparative linguistics. But since it took me over eight years to complete ONE Ph.D., I don't want to go down that route again for now.

7) I think George Michael's "Freedom! '90" might be one of the best songs of all time. Every time it comes on my iPod, no matter where I am, I will rock out. I may be in the gym, face contorted, eyes closed, singing "I won't let you down...I will not give you up...gotta have some faith in the's the one good thing that I've - GOT!"

Sooooo, yeah. There you have it. More ridiculous facts about me. Don't you want to meet the REAL C&B now?! 

And MY nomination? It goes to the fantabulous Terri of RAGS against the MACHINE. Every time she shares anything about her life, I'm hooked.

Happy almost-Friday! 


  1. Oh man. The Ring messed me up. I was afraid of my toilet for months.

  2. Right after I finished my PhD (political science), I told my partner that I wanted to get another one in development economics. Since I just started my TT job, his response was a major eye roll and a subject change. When I went to a talk yesterday, there were so many youngster grad students and I told him I wanted to be a one again. I totally understand.

  3. I'm with you on The Ring. I hate that movie. Don't ever watch that one with John Cusack - Room 1408. Awful. Also, can I visit when you move to Paris?

  4. Mmm, cheese rice. I'm with you on the awesomeness of white rice. So good. "The Ring" was really creepy. But to be fair, I was a little freaked out by "The Sixth Sense."

    I'm definitely a short-haired gal. I have yet to totally chop mine off, but I can't grow it much further past my shoulders without wanting to cut it short. I think some of this has to do with spending my entire life in the Midwest, where short hair is totally acceptable (not quite the case on the west coast, as I found out this spring - I felt like I had a mom haircut out in California).

  5. Ha, here I am comfortably reading along and totally agreeing with number 4 (that all of us have this dream) and then you lay this on me! I'll see what I can do...

  6. Cynthia - I KNOW, right?! I had to sleep with the light on for the rest of that week...and since I was visiting different potential grad. schools, it was awkward.

    Rad - I kind of want to be a grad. school simply to do it RIGHT this time, y'know? But then I think of my own experience and vow, "Never again."

    Allison - don't worry, I will never ever see "Room 1408." And, bien sûr you can visit me in Paris! My garret will be large.

    Anne - oh, man, there are some moments of 'The Sixth Sense' that I still remember with absolute dread...and I also saw it about eight years ago. And yay for short-haired people! I think a crippling need to chop it off while growing it out is one of our main characteristics.

    Terri - yay, yay, yay!

  7. I have decided to quit with the lurking already and post.

    I am glad to hear that when one finishes, one wants another degree. I have a couple of chapters left to write and I just want out of grad school already. Out. I hope that I have the experience that you are describing--I want to reclaim that love of learning.

    I am with you enough on the scary movies that I have not seen the Ring!

    I am a long hair person myself. With short hair, I fear I would look like Pat from the SNL of my teen years.

    So, I do love the outfit posts. They are truly excellent!

  8. Hello! I have lurked on your blog a few times myself! :) Thanks for the kind words. And thank you also for reminding me of Pat from my own SNL teen years. I...don't think I'm ready to ever do another degree, but the love of learning still rears its head every once in a while...

  9. Mmmm rice. We went to Chipotle last night because I love the veggie burritos (and the rice in said burritos)