Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How I wore it: uninspired

Folks, today was a grey, rainy day, made all the more insulting by the fact that we had 82 degrees and sun yesterday - we even grilled for lunch! But today? Nope. ... Unfortunately, I did have to go out to run some errands and then to join some friends in celebrating their adorable daughter's second birthday. By then it was pouring. I went with practical, though not entirely pretty:

Yup, the Steve Madden boots make a reappearance. Rock. Isn't this outfit boring? What can I do. I originally had envisioned it with white jeggings, which was what I first wore, before my first outing for errands. But I've been a little bloaty lately, and I was already a little self-conscious wearing - let's face it - nothing more than white tights on my bottom half. On top of that, I realized that it was raining and...well, I didn't want to have transparency issues. So I cheerfully changed into the blue jeggings and did not regret my decision for an INSTANT. Outfit-choosing! So inspiring. 

In other news, all has gone well with my bureaucratic nonsense on my home university's end. My poor advisor had to pretty much single-handedly (with my cheering in the background) the administration so that they wouldn't be assholes on the account of a single technical issue not in my favor ... well, long story short, he won and all is well and I'm still defending in *gulp* less than three weeks. For now. I've been asked to do so many things (at 6 in the morning, always! Do you know how wonderful it is to be SIX HOURS BEHIND your home institution?!) that I wouldn't bat an eye if I were asked to electronically submit a virgin sacrifice. 

Brown tunic: Gap, remixed
Blue jeggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor, remixed
Blue boots: Steve Madden, remixed


  1. Trust me, an electronic virgin sacrifice is easier than a goat sacrifice - so difficult to transport livestock, even over the interwebs.

    Good luck with all - you're marvelous, so you'll shine through it all!

  2. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be great! If you do have to electronically submit any kind of sacrifice, I'd be curious to know how it's done ;)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'm assuming there would be a lot of chanting, praying, and hoping for enough storage space on Gmail?

  4. Actually, I love this! Simple, chic, and pared-down.

  5. I like it! I don't know that I've ever owned white bottoms (except for a skirt) My mom always taught me that I was too much of a slob to wear white and, now that I'm older, I realize that she was right.

  6. Looking comfy! Can't imagine all the hoops they are creating at the last minute for you to jump through. I've never had to defend a dissertation. Are you nervous about it, other than the possible virgin sacrifice?

  7. Terri, I am TERRIFIED! Everyone tells me that if I got this far, the defense is just the last, not-so-scary step, but I'm really afraid. I'm just hoping for the best...