Monday, January 5, 2015

How I wore it: blargh

Hiiiiii, all.

So today I had to go back to school after a lovely winter break. My husband is still in Greece and my parents arrived yesterday to help with Baby Boots, so - as I bunked with the little one - I had a tough night of sleep, due to being nervous about her waking up in the night and being tense about school starting again.

It wasn't freezing when I left the house, but the wind picked up soon after and made it brutal the rest of the day. I was pretty layered, but it was wonderful to get back home after a long day back at work.

Today I wore a pretty similar outfit to this one, but I changed around some elements and added some stuff I got for Christmas, namely a navy sweater and a Sherlock Holmes-themed infinity scarf (gift from my best friend!).

Please enjoy this awful bathroom mirror selfie:


You can't tell, but I'm wearing dark blue sweater-y tights and my grey thigh-high socks (just a little over the knee). My new cardigan is a navy Ralph Lauren piece that my mother gave me for Christmas. It's long-ish, which I like, with big gold buttons. I was glad to have it with my short little Old Navy blue dress. 

Oh, here's a close-up of the awesome scarf from my best friend. It has some lines from The Hound of the Baskervilles (does it shock y'all that I was a huge Sherlock Holmes fan as a kid?). I took this selfie in the morning and texted it to my friend, as it was my first wearing of it. I. Love. It. I didn't take it off all day:

Even more magical.

Isn't it amazing? I'm pretty sure it's from Etsy, but I don't know which store (I'm pretty sure I've seen it somewhere and wanted to buy it). 

Anyway, that was my first day back. Despite the fact that my mom barely noticed that I had chopped off a bunch o'inches from my hair, every single person at work commented on it, teachers and students. So there you go...

Happy Monday!

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle scarf: Gift from best friend
Navy blue cardigan: Ralph Lauren, gift from mom
Blue dress: Old Navy (online), remixed
Sweater tights: Gap, remixed
Grey thigh-high socks: American Apparel, remixed
Boots: Frye, by way of Country Outfitter, remixed

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