Saturday, January 10, 2015

How I'm wearing it: 26 dollars in my hand

Hello, all! As I type this, I'm waiting for my husband to get home from Greece. He's been gone since the first and he has been very missed by the ladies of the household (myself, Baby Boots, and Amalía the cat). My parents left today after six days of helping me take care of the little one and myself, as I got sick - as I do the first week of classes of every new year - and lost my voice, resulting in missing work yesterday.

I'm slowly getting back to normal - I can talk with only minimal effort - and after a day spent in my PJs yesterday, I was looking forward to throwing something together (and wearing make-up!) in order to welcome my husband home. I decided to go with the unexpected and new:

Okay, so although the original photo itself was clear, it doesn't export clearly. Boo. Anyway, the new aspect is, of course, the new Fluevogs and the thermal shirt (which I've worn a bit - you just haven't seen). The unexpected, of course (I think), are the formal shorts! I haven't worn these since before I got pregnant, I don't think, so that would be early 2011? All right-y then. 

It's weird: since I tend to wear such softer pieces now, I feel a little odd in this get-up, but I also love it. I tend to like that sort of modern Dickensian orphan look (a lot of the arty boys at school dress like this) and I think I pull it off better than I used to because of my own confidence and love for all the pieces I'm wearing. It's a little colorless - maybe a pop of color in the tights (and the lips!) wouldn't come amiss I don't know how my husband will react to this when he sees me. We'll find out, I guess! 

I figured out that my Fluevogs' instep issue isn't too bad. It's hard to get them on, but once I wear them for a while, I forget that they ever felt tight and I feel fine. I'm glad for that, as I can't wait to wear them to work when the weather gets nicer (or at least, the temperature gets out of the teens in the morning). 

As for the hair, while I privately think I could've gone way shorter and less shaggy, I'm so happy that I can still put it up. That's really my default and I think Cheryl, my stylist, could tell. 

And that's all, folks! Hope you're having a nice, WARM, weekend and wish me luck in welcoming my husband home!

Thermal grey shirt: Threads 4 Thought, bought at Whole Foods
Grey tank (underneath): Old Navy (online), remixed
Shorts: Gap, remixed
Grey sweater tights: Gap, remixed
Boots: Fluevog Keatons, remixed


  1. Quick unrelated question: do you have any suggestions for good thrift stores in Cambridge for my 18-year-old, who's going there this week, before she goes back to school? Her taste in clothes is not unlike yours. Thanks!

  2. The Garment District, near Kendall Sq., is supposed to be really good. I've never gone there, but many rave about it and my students love it. There are some nice looking Goodwills and maybe even a Buffalo Exchange in the Davis Square area, too. If she walks around Elm Street/Davis Square area in general, she'll probably find a lot of good stuff - I'm not much a thrifter, so probably not the best person to ask!

    1. Thanks for the tips--I'll pass them along to her. I'm not a big thrifter either (there's a typical thrift-store smell I cannot get past), but for her it's an adventure.