Friday, January 2, 2015

How I wore it: starry night

First outfit post of 2015! Woo!

So life is a little lonely here at the Boots household because my husband left yesterday for a nine-day trip to Greece to visit his family. My parents are coming on Sunday to help me out with the little one when I go back to work, but during these next couple of days, I've been trying to plan a lot of activities.

Today I went to visit a friend of mine from high school who happens to live in the next town over. She has two little ones, a five-year-old and a three-year-old, so they're perfect playmates for my newly turned three-year-old. I had a fun outfit planned that I had worn practically identically last weekend and I planned to wear it with cowboy boots, but in the last minute, I went with my new 'vogs. How could I resist, as the colors went perfectly?

... I know, right? Their shape is dreamy. You'll get a close-up in a sec. I got this tunic at the same hipster store where I bought one from the same company (FluffyCo) some years ago. Now that I'm so into leggings, I find myself gravitating towards tunics once more. Yay? Anyway, I liked the galactic print on this one. I wore this whole outfit with a new sweater (Christmas present from my mom), but you'll be seeing it soon, I promise. 

So now let me show you what you're really here to see:

I know, right? Even thought I firmly believed myself to be done with buying new boots as of my holy grail of Fryes, I gravitated toward these on the site back in the fall. They had other colors then, a gorgeous olive and a swoony purple, but now these are the ones left. They are a dark brown leather, with that more distressed spats-like bit, and then the denim under the zipper. They're called the Keatons. And we are very much in love. They're technically a men's boot, but I don't care. They're a tad bit tight on the instep, but I can already feel that getting better. Mmmm. I love them so much. I also got rid of two pairs of boots that were past their prime in my closet, so now I have more space! Why, it's almost justifiable to spend $300 on new boots that I don't need! Mmm, I don't care. These are awesome-sauce. I love how non-clunky they are, so they create a nice line with the rest of the leg. 

And the baby likes them, too, so who am I to argue?

Star tunic: FluffyCo, by way of a store in Somerville (Magpie)
Grey leggings: Calvin Klein, by way of TJMaxx, remixed
Boots: Fluevog Keaton

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