Thursday, March 15, 2012

New glasses!

So remember how excited I was last month about going glasses-shopping? Yeah, so we ended up going, I ended up choosing an awesome pair, and... then I had to wait for almost three weeks before my frames get to the store and get 'em ready.

Well, I got the fateful phone call (that my glasses were ready) on Tuesday and we were finally able to get to my eye guy. So...

*drum roll, please*

Meet my new glasses!

Curse you, unclear Photo Booth pictures!

So you can't see them so well here, but they're dark tortoiseshell and thinner (but deeper) than my black Ray-Bans. And I'm in love.

This is what they look like not on my face:

Coooool, huh? I ended up not even trying on the Ray-Bans I swore I'd try on (and the guy didn't even have the new ones I liked). I fell for these in about three minutes straight and that's how it happened...

Anyway, no better pictures for the moment, but you'll be seeing these babies over and over again, no worries!

Thanks, everyone, for the kind comments on my last post. The adventures of feeding Baby Boots continue, but we're dealing with them and she's already gaining weight, so yay! Your support helped me enormously and I'm learning to deal with the formula. Thanks again!


  1. I like them! New glasses make me unreasonably excited (even when they're not my own)

  2. Your new glasses are fantastics and look great on you!

  3. Amazing are one sultry momma!

  4. One thing's for sure, those glasses looks perfect on you. Well, Prada is also a good brand. :3

  5. Way to go! You look awesome with your new pair of eyeglasses. I love the color - dark tortoiseshell. It’s quite a unique choice and is definitely cool! =)