Monday, March 5, 2012

How I wore it: ladies who lunch

Today I had the distinct pleasure of having an old friend over for lunch. We hadn't interacted in probably twenty years or so. Her parents worked with my parents and she's a year older than I am (and her sister a year younger), so we ended up being friends - you know how that works when you're kids, right? We had a lot of playdates at each others' houses and went to birthday parties and whatnot. Sometimes her little sister and I ganged up on her, sometimes she and I ganged up on her little sister. We were charming. Anyway, she's finishing up her Ph.D. in Cambridge and we decided, after a few months of planning, to get together. So, like big adults, she came over and we had lunch. At a table! Like women.

I decided to wear a more socially acceptable version of my "mom at home" uniform:

Still couldn't be bothered to wear real shoes...

I've noticed that I'm being drawn to bright colors a lot in my "fourth trimester" gear. The nursing clothes I've bought recently (all from Old Navy, I think) are almost all in bright, vibrant colors: turquoise, pink, brilliant blue... I don't know why it is. Perhaps the months of wearing the same clothes over and over again during pregnancy made me crave color and novelty?

This particular top has been problematic in the past. The crossover/wrap style can be super-unflattering, especially if you futz with it a lot, the way I am inclined to, in order to make everything lie flat. Today I learned that the less I play with the bands, the better they look when allowed to fall naturally on the body. So I didn't touch them (except with regard to nursing Baby Boots) and I was the happiest I'd ever been with this shirt! Yay for not giving into one's OCD tendencies!

Pink top: Old Navy Maternity
Jeans: Maternity America, by way of Gilt Groupe, remixed
Flip flops: Urban Outfitters, remixed

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  1. I actually like that top a lot. Not enough to have a baby just to buy maternity clothes, but whatever comes just before that.

    Glad you were able to meet up with your friend for some lunch, even if it was at your house! You deserve a little fun, too ;)