Sunday, April 8, 2012


Well, hello.

So, I haven't visited any blogs in about a week. I haven't responded to e-mails (Kelly) in about two weeks.

And the ironic thing? I've been wearing cute outfits! I can sort of fit back into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe (according to my husband's definition: if I can put it on, it fits) and I'm maneuvering the world of nursing tops. I'm back at work, full-time, five days a week, and putting thought into each day's ensemble.


For the first time in my life, I've completely divided my home life from my work life. I come home, I usually don't do any grading (that's what having the first hour of the morning free is for!), do minimal class prep work, and tend to my baby. Hell, even at work, my day is divided into "class" and "when I'm going to pump in the privacy of my office."

So that's what it's like around here.

Stuff has been going well. I got a haircut, like, three weeks ago. I interviewed for a job teaching a part-time evening course at a nearby university last week. Baby Boots is thriving and has gained so much weight so fast that we're off formula for now and seeing how she does on just breast milk (the issue before seemed to be a problem with transference, but a visit to a charming lactation consultant helped us out). The balance between work and home has been great: I like adult/teenage time at work, and I love baby time at home. Weekends, especially, are glorious.

So, as you can understand, when I get home, I rarely open my computer and certainly don't take an outfit picture before pulling on some yoga pants and calling it a night.

But I'm gonna try, folks. I like what I've been coming up with recently and I'd like to share. Just... bear with me a little while longer, mmkay?

In the meantime, enjoy!


  1. I can't tell if that adorable child is giving us all a raspberry or if she just has highly squishable lips. Either way, you really did end up with a cute one.

    I've been horrible about taking photos lately, too. My excuse is that I've become a nudist.

  2. Oh, she's a cutie! You have no need to make explanation to me. In fact, if you need to just post the cute outfits and say nothing. Most of the moms amongst us would understand.

  3. Or just keep posting cute pictures of Baby Boots :) Glad you're finding a nice balance! Even those non-moms among us are envious!

  4. Baby Boots is adorable! Do glad to hear she is doing well.

    It sounds like you are acing the work-life balance, Mama Boots. I tip my hat to you!

    I completely understand your internet absence, as my own would surely attest!