Friday, March 9, 2012

How I wore it: something about the chase

... six whole years!

Yesterday (Wednesday, as technically it's now Friday, but in my brain it's still Thursday - OK, fine, March 7) was my husband's and my six-year anniversary as a couple. As it's a rather special anniversary, what with Baby Boots and all, we decided to do something nice. We went to a favorite restaurant in our old neighborhood in Boston, baby in tow, and scarfed our food quickly while holding the little one (or, in my case, nursing her). She behaved well, although she had a major freak-out once we arrived home; it wasn't the most relaxing dinner we've ever had, but it was quite fun to dress up and show off the babe. Hey, my motive aren't ever that pure...

Anyway, I'd done a small Old Navy nursing wear order a few weeks ago and was excited to wear a new dress in a favorite color:

Ever-flattering photo by my husband. Do you get the sense he's a wee bit taller than I am?

A turquoise nursing dress! What are the odds?! I paired it with matching jewelry, including a wee little pendant, as Baby Boots' grip is quite death-like and I didn't want to bother her with my bigger turquoise pendant. As I've felt rather ungainly over the past few days, it was nice to doll myself up with a flattering (trust me: this photo is ghastly - it looked a lot better in person) dress and fun tights and a favorite pair of boots. It was worth shoveling mussels down my throat in five minutes flat! 

Kitty also needs love...

Anyway, I wish I had some better photos to take, but that's what you get when you ask your non-camera-savvy husband to take pictures well past midnight after your baby has been exercising her powerful little lungs for a couple of hours...

Maybe when our wedding anniversary rolls around in June, we'll all be more used to social evenings out!

Turquoise dress: Old Navy Maternity
Grey patterned tights: Gap, remixed
Boots: Steve Madden, remixed


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  2. Happy Anniversary! I love the style and color of this dress, and it looks great on you! Glad you all enjoyed a night out :)

  3. Thanks, Anne! Nice to see you around! I hope to get better pictures of the dress the next time(s) I wear it...

  4. The dress is fabulous and you look radiant in that color! I'm glad you got to enjoy a night out and that Mini Boots saved the freak out until you got home. ;)

  5. The dress is beautiful...and I don't think they made such things when my little ones were nursing. We just didn't go out! I have to applaud the effort to celebrate these important days together. Have you been out without the babe yet?

  6. Thanks, Raquelita and Terri! I'm not sure if we'll venture out again (so late) anytime soon. As for going out without the babe - not for any reason other than practical (dr appointments, daycare scoping, etc.). We're heading to my parents' in a week or so, so maybe we'll have a night out then. And my mother-in-law is coming in two weeks (when I start working again), so there might be some more chances for dates, although I suspect that working full-time will make me want to crave home and baby more than ever.