Tuesday, August 9, 2011

*blink, blink*

People, so much has happened in the nine? Eight? Many. Days since I last posted. Sal cut her hair (dammit, Sal! I was so ready to grow it out again and now you've filled me with doubt), Kelly is back (yay!), and S had her baby (awww!). And I haven't even caught up on all of the Style Nation happenings. Whew. Thank goodness I'm bored at leisure here in Sparta and have all day to dick around on the internet if I want. Between marathoning 'Mad Men' because my husband and I finally discovered it, starting from season 1 episode 1 and WHY didn't we do this EARLIER?!

Whew. Okay. Sorry. Heat wave. In the meantime, while people were cutting their hair, and emerging again, and having babies, I spent almost a week here:

Try to control your pity for me, people. I know it's easy to feel sorry for me (I can feel the number of my readers dropping, one by one...).

Anyway, yes, my husband I spent six days in the beach town of Foinikounta, on the coast of the Ionian Sea, in the province (?) of Messinia. It was hamazing. And relaxing. A lovely place to spend my 30th birthday (see what I did there?!) alone with my husband before reemerging into the world of family and responsibility...

Why, yes, that is a sandy beach overlooked by a Venetian castle. And someone's car. Taken in Methoni.

Anyway, we're back in the land of plentiful internet, so I'll try to be a little more quick on the updating from now on. Although, with 'Mad Men,' I can promise nothing. NOTHING.

Style Nation, I've missed you. But, almost just as importantly, I've started missing my home in the US, my other clothes, and my cat. It's hard to believe that next week, in nine days, in fact, I'll be seeing all of those things. Crazy times.

When it gets too crazy, though, I'll try to remember how I felt then, when my husband took that picture on our first full day of the trip. Notice how he artfully cut off my growing belly. Way to document, guy.


  1. So pretty. I am scared of beaches (rather swimwear usually required at the beach) All the same, I wish we had better ones near me. Atlantic Ocean water is so icky

  2. Don't grow your hair! I love your pixie cut on you, and not just because we share the same hair cut. Dare to be different (except also the same as me)!

    And welcome to Team Mad Men. This is one of my favourite moments from S1, and it only gets better after S1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suRDUFpsHus&feature=player_embedded

  3. I agree, I love the short cut on you. I hope you keep it around!

    And I was late to the Mad Men party too (I started watching it last summer because of a post D-Med wrote about it, oddly enough), but isn't it awesome?!

  4. I am also on team pixie! I am wishing I had a pixie cut myself right now, but I don't trust my current stylist to pull it off with the needed skill.

    Mad Men is a really good show, but it does kind of disturb me how so many people keep saying they want to return to those days.

  5. Cassy, I don't think I could get my husband NEAR the Atlantic. He'd probably tremble in fear at the scary, scary waves.

    D-Med, Anne, and Raquelita, thanks for the short hair support. I admit that a lot of my dissatisfaction is due to my hair being in the super awkward/shaggy stage, so I either want to let nature take its course or just chop it off. The other thing is, with the bun in the oven, I'm concerned about having a haircut that I so far have needed to maintain almost every month. Then again, little hands can't grab at short hair... quandary.

    I'm loving 'Mad Men,' but, R, you bring up a good point. You'd like to go back to a time of casual racism/misogyny, just to scratch the surface of all the issues? My husband's message from this show was: "Wow. All these people are unhappy and kind of terrible. I need more shirts to show off my cufflinks." Done and done.