Monday, August 29, 2011

How I wore it: contact

Happy Monday, y'all! And I hope my East Coasters (Kelly? Rad? Cassykins? Anyone else?) survived Hurricane Irene. Up in our neck of the woods, it really didn't affect us, thank goodness. I hope that all of you are safe and sound.

As if to punish/reward us for having given us a terrifying weekend, the weather gods made today sunny, warm, and beautiful out. I also had to leave my house today in order to meet up with a current Spanish teacher at my new job and go over some stuff for the beginning of the year. It was awesome. I wanted to look casual, yet somewhat cool, so this is what I went with:

Too bad I wore this exact same combo last week when I was on campus for a few minutes to meet up with an HR person; fortunately, no one who saw me last week saw me today, so I wasn't judged on the fact that I apparently only own one t-shirt. A t-shirt, by the way, which I regretfully have to retire to "at home only" use because I discovered a teeny little hole under David Bowie's right foot. Alas. 

In other news, I was vexed by how non-pregnant I looked from the front in this picture, especially since I'm at twenty and a half weeks, so I decided to take a side picture, although this won't become a habit, I don't think:

THERE'S my belly!

What do we think of these maternity jeans? I bought them right before we left for Greece in June. They were on sale through Gilt Groupe and I made them mine. Get used to seeing them a lot in the next few months, my friends. I just really hope they can last me throughout the next twenty weeks (they're the kind that go under the belly, not over)! 

So, all in all, I was pleased with my comfortable outfit and especially pleased that it didn't garner me any odd looks on campus. Oh, artsy school with no dress code: I think we're going to get along just fine! 

David Bowie tee: Gap, remixed
Jeans: Maternity America, via Gilt Groupe
Brown sandals: souvenir from a friend, bought in Central America, remixed


  1. I think your hole in your Bowie short is where my hole in my Bowie shirt is! Stupid GAP, lol.

    Survived for sure, though we have a lot of power outages here. Ours was out 36 hours (just came back on at 4:15-ish and I'm at work still, so waiting to go make sure all looks good) A few tree branches down, but nothing too terrible thank goodness. Heard the worst was in NJ.

  2. Hello! Glad to hear that you and yours remained safe. We kept our power and water, thank goodness.
    You look adorable and slightly pregnant from the side, indeed.

  3. I'm glad to hear you made it through the storm okay. I was watching the news all weekend because of my slight weather nerdiness, but it sounded like it'd be pretty scary to have been in the storm's path. Eek.

    Also, nice bump! Those jeans were a great buy - they'll be perfect through fall.

  4. I was thinking about you when the storm was blowing through, glad to hear everything went okay. I think the outfit fulfilled the job of being casual and cool while showing your little bump wonderfully!

  5. Glad to know everyone's okay! Although it was thankfully not too bad in our neck of the woods, it was certainly scary having The Weather Channel on and seeing what was going on all around us!

    (And thanks for the compliments on the bump: I haz one!)

  6. Just fine here too, not enough a brownout.
    You are rocking the bump thus far!

  7. You have a BOWIE t-shirt?? That's rad. And yay for the 20-week bump! :)

  8. Heh - Clare, you made me giggle. I do have a Bowie t-shirt. From the Gap. Weird, huh? :)