Thursday, August 25, 2011

How I wore it: housekeeping

Oh, hai.

I really didn't mean to disappear for nine days. I even had a food post planned, remember? I still have those pictures! I want you all to feel sorry for me with respect to the enormous quantities of food I consumed in just one day!

But instead, I'm gonna tell you what I've been up to. In the six days that my husband and I have been back in the States, we have: gone grocery shopping, gone grocery shopping again, snuggled our cat to oblivion, played with our cat, gone to the doctor's office, gone to an ultrasound, gotten a haircut (me), chosen and bought a car (what?!), and gone to a second ultrasound. And that's not even everything. The sad thing is that many of these events involved cute outfits. The even sadder thing is that I was so jet-lagged once 10 o'clock hit that I just changed into PJs and fell into bed.

Anyway, today I got a second ultrasound of my baby because when we went for the official "whoh-oah, you're [almost] halfway there" ultrasound, instead of finding out our baby's sex, we found out that (s)he is a lazy bum because it didn't want to move out of a corner of my uterus where it was tightly curled up, making it impossible to see if it had a spine, let alone anything else. Today, though, she (the technician was "pretty positive") was agreeably stretched out and we're relieved to know that everything is all right with the world.

Anyway. For that appointment, I decided to dress somewhat fancy. Because I was hoping this skirt would still fit and it did:

Of course, I forgot until after I took the picture that I'd unzipped the skirt upon arriving home...

As you can tell, when I went to get my hair cut yesterday, I decided to opt for keeping it short and manageable rather than start the arduous process of growing it out again. On the one hand, it doesn't seem feasible, both practically and financially, to go get my hair trimmed every month or so, especially as I get less mobile and especially once the baby comes. On the other hand, I like it short. And little hands can't grab at it too easily...

For lounging around at home, I decided to get comfy. While in Greece, the one thing I wanted to buy were brightly patterned, so-called 'harem pants' that I saw some tourists/natives wearing in Athens. My husband was vehemently against it, but on our last full day in Athens, I played the tourist and ducked into a shop in the flea market of Monastiraki. I liked that the patterns I saw on those particular pants were bright and colorful - perfect for a day at home, I thought. However, my husband was so impatient that I got rattled and left (DAMMIT). And then realized that I had the perfect solution at home. Which I had actually bought in India.

Meet my new favorite combination:

SOMEONE needs to get used to posing for the camera again!

... It's a maternity tank with salwar trousers! The beautiful thing about the salwar is that you can pretty much fit three people in there. The waistband goes on for days. So I just cinched it up beneath my belly, added a long tank, and lounged around on the couch and in bed (and in front of the TV, waiting for HURRICANEIRENEPOCALYPSE) for the rest of the day. Practical for the workday or outside errands? No. Comfy as hell and perfect for lying around at home? YES. 

Day outfit:
Black tank: Old Navy maternity
Skirt: Gap, remixed
Turquoise sandals: Nine West Athens, remixed

Home outfit:
Black tank: same
Olive salwar: Fab India, remixed
Flip-flops: Urban Outfitters, remixed


  1. Congrats on the "pretty positive" she! When my mum was pregnant with me she was convinced she was having a girl and made all the doctors and nurses call me she/her/Katie. They all thought she was nuts.

    Those harem pants look so insanely comfy, and they'll expand like Joey's Santa/maternity/Thanksgiving pants on Friends!

  2. Chalkdust & Booties is a girl! How exciting! And I do usually try to put my hair up and not have any jewelery that could be grabbed when I know I'm hanging out with babies, so good strategy on the short hair. Also, this cut continues to look fantastic on you.

  3. I wasn't keeping track of how many days had gone by. So do you know the sex of this little one by now? Seems a bit early for that. What does hubs have against harem pants? They ARE a perfect solution for pregnancy.

  4. Heh, Katie, it took all my willpower not to insist on calling it "she" before the technician told us (we'd been given a hint about this in Greece). The pants are indeed comfy.

    Thanks, Anne! I'm glad I went short, but every once in a while I think, "What if..." and then I remember how I looked when I last grew out my hair.

    Terri, I actually began my twentieth week today, so it's...almost halfway over! The hubs doesn't like the sort of faux-harem pants we saw in Greece: he very much approves of what I took home from India because it's more "authentic."

  5. Oh the harem pants, how awesome that you already had something you were looking for, I love when that happens.
    I must say friend, that you are looking awesome for almost being half way there!

  6. You look awesome, and big congrats! Exciting! I love the skirt in that first picture :)

  7. Thanks, Miss B! I really still do wish I'd gotten the eye-searingly bright ones I saw in Athens, but I'm also glad to go with what I already own, however subdued it might be...

    Thanks, Allison! I'm still excited when I can fit into my real clothes, although I fear that will be ending soon...

  8. Whoa! Is this an actual salwar? This is the coolest idea ever! I can't believe that I'm Indian and I haven't tried this :/

  9. It IS an actual salwar! Bought in Pune many years ago. While at home in the heat, I've been too lazy (and rapidly expanding) to put on the matching kurta(s), but for lounging around the house/maternity gear, it's been working great!