Saturday, February 6, 2010

How I wore it

Today my husband and I had an appointment to look at some apartments (we're thinking of moving to a new place in or near Boston that's cheaper and allows pets, because we really want a kitty). Because I scoff at the crazy cold weather we've been having and because I always like looking trustworthy and wealthy near real estate agents, I went with one of my favorite dresses, a plain black jersey little number. I adore this dress. My husband bought it for me randomly one afternoon before he was my husband. I've gotten engaged in this dress. I changed into this dress at my fancy wedding reception. I wear it to hang out in in the summer and to teach in in the winter, with tights and a sweater.

I knew I wanted to wear my newest boots. The safe choice would've been black tights: black and grey are my favorite neutrals and I love mixing the two. However...I didn't want to 'ruin' my nice tights be (God forbid) wearing them over the weekend. I like a pop of color and I have a couple of pairs of very bright tights. I wore a turquoise pair last week with the same dress and boots and wasn't too thrilled. And then I remembered lovely E.'s love of 'grellow' and had the beginning of an outfit: 

[Forgive the crappy picture. I enlisted my husband to help, but it was all awkward and cringe-y, so for now you get the "study of the crazy lady with her overflowing bookshelf, moribund miniature Christmas tree, and stack of mail]

Of course, it was 20 degrees when I woke up today, so I had to add a sweater. For some reason, I've decided that purple is a neutral, too:

Holy pale skin, Batman! I love this sweater. It's cashmere and warm and comfortable. I have it in green and burgundy, too. DON'T MESS.

I tied the whole look together quite unoriginally, with a purple and yellow checked scarf:

You can't blame me: God knows how much I love the matching...

Black dress: Gap, gift from my husband
Black top [underneath dress]: Express
Yellow tights: Gap
Grey boots: Frye, via
Purple cardigan: Lord and Taylor (I think), gift from my mother
Checked scarf: Urban Outfitter

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