Saturday, February 20, 2010

How I wore it: my big, fat Greek party

This evening, after a long day of work and what seemed like an even longer workout at the gym, I had to go to a do with my husband at his place of work. There was a sort of international party and we had been asked to teach traditional Greek dances. I was originally going to go super-fancy, but when I remembered that the attendees would all be music college students in jeans, I decided to modify my original plan somewhat.

This is how I looked a mere twelve hours after waking up:

Behold the grey booties yet again, making another appearance, this time with a seriously cowl-necked charcoal dress that I fear has a tendency to rise up a little too much to wear to work. Alas.

Here's another shot of the clothes -- also, meet my workspace!

I don't think the pictures are doing the cowl neck any justice. Thing is huge. Because of the awkwardness of the neckline, in fact, I don't wear necklaces with this dress. I do, however compensate with big earrings. Most of my huge earrings are either too clackety or have the risk of falling out of my ear during vigorous exercise (seriously, have YOU ever Greek-danced?); however, my white gold babies have a post and back, so they're pretty solid:

I felt really relaxed in this outfit. The boots are comfortable enough to take almost any abuse, even a vigorous bout of practice, followed by instruction -- even following a day of being on my feet and a brutal cardio workout. I still feel as if I might have been the most formally dressed person in the room, but since I had the relaxed, slouchy (almost 80s?) vibe with the droopy dress and the ankle boots, I didn't feel as if I looked too out of place: perfect for a faculty wife.

Grey cowl neck dress: Banana Republic
Black stockings: Hue
Grey booties: Aldo, remixed
Earrings: gift from my best man, by way of the Lalaounis store in Athens

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