Sunday, November 9, 2014

How I wore it: leggings enthusiast

Today we all took a bike ride to central Cambridge for a playdate between Baby Boots and one of her good friends from daycare (who now attends a different center). It being a lovely day, us being on our bikes, and me becoming a typical Cantabrigian lady, I decided to come out to my daughter's friend's parents as a leggings lover. Woo!

Dat face, though…

Some fun patterned leggings (the same ones I wore here for my foot selfie last month), a hipster dress (uh, shirt), and colorful short boots, and I'm all set. For my ride, I just pulled on a hoodie and a vest and was warm and cozy in the 50+-degree weather. I was between wearing these boots and tall grey ones (my original grey Fryes), but I decided to go for the contrast, especially as I had blue on my shirt, as well. I don't know. I dug it. 

And that's me! How have your weekends been? I have two more days in which to write comments and go bike-riding, so I'm in a pretty good mood…

Grey patterned dress: FluffyCo, bought in Magpie, a store in Somerville, remixed
Grey Fair Isle leggings: Old Navy (online), remixed-ish
Blue boots: a gift from my husband, bought in Madrid, remixed

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