Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How I wore it: old school

These last few days have been somber at work. We learned over the long weekend that a colleague had  suddenly fallen quite ill and the mood has been grim at school. As you know, I don't have a dress code anymore, but between just wanting to feel more in control and presentable AND the fact that I no longer pump at work, I thought I'd pull out an old favorite today that I hadn't worn for about two years.

That's my daughter's blurry head in the foreground

Forgive the colors. I have a brighter one below. While the dress is over three years old and it was an old standby at my last job, I have never worn it "out" with boots, as boots were verboten at my old place. Since my classiest, dressiest boots are my black Fluevogs, I went with those and then decided to jazz up the whole thing with royal blue tights. I dug the effect. 

No feet, but better color! 

I was surprised by how many people were surprised by my outfit at work. I guess they're so used to seeing me dressed like a slob that a fancy work dress is shocking! 

I liked this outfit a lot - I felt very myself in it - but I'm not sure if the blue tights are necessarily working for it. I personally think they're a lot of fun and, since you don't see much of them, it's not too off-putting, but it does kind of shock the senses. I tried to pull it together with my jewelry, but I don't know if anyone noticed that:

With such blue tights, my only choice was lapis lazuli, naturally! On all of his trips home to Chile over the years, my father has always brought me back oodles of lapis stuff. Here is a fraction of the tip of the iceberg: my favorite lapis ring, my favorite lapis earrings, and a simple silver cross with lapis accents. I did like those elements of the outfit.

Anyways, it was hoot to get back into my old gear. It felt kind of like dress-up, especially knowing that I don't have to wear that sort of outfit every single day...

Grey dress: Banana Republic, remixed
Blue tights: Gap online
Black boots: Fluevog, remixed
Jewelry: gifts from my father from Chile


  1. I really like the pop of color from the tights - with the high boots it's not overwhelming, and it goes beautifully with your gorgeous lapis lazuli jewelry! :)

  2. Thanks, Carrie! And thanks for commenting! :)