Saturday, February 23, 2013

How I wore it: expectations vs. execution

Hi, folks!

(Look at me, with the posting twice in one week. Do you think... I might be getting my groove back?)

So it's Friday night (technically Saturday morning) and it's been a tough week. The colleague I mentioned on Wednesday passed away that same night and the kids and teachers at school have just been heartbroken to lose a beloved teacher, mentor, and colleague. Seeing my students and advisees melt away into tears is just heartbreaking.

Life will slowly be getting back to normal at work and in my home, it still goes on. I've also been incredibly stressed as I'm applying to my first postdoc and the deadline is fast approaching. My advisor had been AWOL for well over a year, but he wrote to me today and wrote me a doozy of a recommendation letter, so I'm feeling really good. Both the postdoc and the job in the very faraway other state I applied for a huge long shots, but I'm glad to be working actively toward something again.

After two days of dresses (Wednesday and yesterday, which I didn't blog), I decided to wear a new favorite pair of pants today. I experimented with something and, well, I didn't so much love it:

The good: how amazing are those red plaid pants, Style Nation? I ordered them from the Gap in the fall without a second thought because - as a child of the 80s from New York who spent the 90s hanging out in St. Marks Place ALL THE TIME - I've wanted red plaid pants since forever. .

The bad: these amazing jeans are skinny jeans, which means my footwear choices are a little limited. I've worn them with normal shoes, booties, and low boots in the past, quite successfully, but I haven't been able to figure out what tall boots to wear with them. Last time I wore them, I wore saddle-colored riding boots (my new Fryes, which you haven't seen yet) over them and the aesthetic was good, as the Frye boots are chunky enough that the whole thing was flattering - but I didn't like the color combination, especially as I tend to wear these pants with a black top. So today I thought I'd try them out with my black Fluevogs, but these boots are too skinny themselves, so - combined with a patterned pant and my own broad thighs - the whole thing just made me look knock-kneed, as you can see above. Oh, well. I think that I'll just have to forego tall boots with these pants and wear them in warmer temperature with less hard-core footwear.

I did have one colleague tell me that I looked Parisian today, so... that's a plus!

Good weekend, everyone. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Black sweater: Saks, from the early 90s (my first article of black clothing!!), remixed
Plaid jeans: Gap online
Black boots: Fluevog, remixed


  1. Sorry to hear about your coworker :(
    Nice to see you back on the interwebs again! The 80s child/90s teen in me is all over those pants...

  2. I'm so sorry about your colleague, sounds like they are leaving some great memories with the staff and students, though.

    I do really like those pants. I agree those specific boots with them seems a little off. Not really as bad as making you look knock-kneed, lol. I feel like they need boots with a little more embellishment, some buckles. I don't mean combat boots or anything. I think the boots are just a little too smooth.

  3. When I read your post this morning I was still in my bathrobe, but I instantly knew what I was going to wear today: my plaid PURPLE skinny pants. So I have those on, along with a black long-sleeved tee, and I am also wearing what I think is the perfect boot solution for those pants: midcalf black moto boots. They're solid boots that ground the outfit, but because they hit lower on the calf, they allow more of the plaid goodness to show. If you have a pair like that, try 'em and let me know what you think.

  4. ALLISON! Hiiiiii! I'm so glad you're on the internets again! Good to see you (just read everything on your new blog)!

    Yeah, Cassy, I think you hit the mark with "smooth." It needs to be more grounded, as Sue says. I love the idea of black moto boots. Alas, I do not have black moto boots. Hmmm.