Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hints of spring?

It doesn't feel much like spring out there: the ground outside my home is still covered in snow. Last weekend we were hit by a record snowstorm. I sleep covered in blankets. Baby Boots is usually encased in fleece somewhere on her body.

But today the temperature rose to the 40s. It's raining, not snowing. Slowly slowly the weather is warming up again, I hope, and one can even start thinking about spring again. Which is great, as I got an e-mail from eShakti reminding me to check out their spring styles. Here are three articles of clothing I am salivating over:

This is the Marigold Garland Dress. I love its simplicity and the gold flowers at the waist and hem. Pretty, huh? 

This is the Colorblock Stripe Print Dress and I am in LOVE. I love color blocking, first off, and I also LOVE dresses that have at least different-looking styles in one. Isn't it fun? I could see myself wearing this with a kerchief in my hair and maybe on a bike. ... Right?

This is the Winter Floral Embellished Skirt. I love the delicacy of the flowers embroidered on the sturdy shape of the pencil skirt. 

I have to say, I fell in love with some dresses/skirts yesterday on the site, but they're already gone from there, so stuff moves FAST if you like anything on eShakti, people! 

Do you know their deal? You can get anything customized to your own size! You can take your measurements once and store them on there with an e-mail I.D. and you can get anything in your very own individual size. You can also buy stuff in traditional sizes.

The good folks at eShakti have offered me something to review and I'm thinking about what to order. What do you think? I'm thinking of going for the colorblock dress. Your thoughts?

And remember: maybe spring will be back. Oh, wait. The news just told me there'll be another storm this weekend. Brrrr....


  1. I love the marigold garland dress and I think it would look amazing on you. It's perhaps not work appropriate, though, and it's not the kind of thing you can just throw a camisole under.

  2. Hey, Cassy! Yeah, I really like the marigold dress, too. I think that it would be amazing over the summer - it's just... can I really justify ANOTHER black dress...?