Friday, July 22, 2011

More proof that I'm a lazy bum...

So, remember when I hung out with Raquelita, formerly known as La Historiadora de Moda (and now the Historiadora on the Run)? And how awesome it was? And how I gave you virtually no details about it because I was all crazy and hot and jet-laggy and already in Greece? And how I didn't pack my camera?

Well, SHE did, and the other day, she wrote a lovely post about our meeting that even includes proof of us having met! [My favorite is how she generously says that we've both been runners. She's run two marathons. If I can run around Fresh Pond in Cambridge, it's a good day. And I haven't run since May. And I didn't pack my sneakers for the summer. What a doll...] She even says some nice things about me that may or may not have let me a little misty.

Anyway, just for self-aggrandizement, I thought I'd share that with you. And, if you're checking me out from her, hi! *Wave* I'm not a real runner, but if you like fun-colored boots, well, we'll get along just fine...

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  1. I had a meet-up with Kristen from Low Fat Dressing last month, and we even had our cameras (actively using them because we were at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, surrounded by pretty flowers) and neither of us snapped a picture to prove that we'd met up. I don't know, is that lazy or just forgetful? Either way... it happens.