Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How I wore it: I'm melting!

EVERYBODY! Hello! I know it's been over a week since I posted, but I think the long hiatus may be done for now (now I've gone and jinxed myself - see you in September!). We left Hamburg in a blaze of glory and drizzle and are now back and settled in our place in Athens. My husband, however, has been working like crazy to get a commission out the door, so we haven't exactly been leaving the house. Or putting on clothes that matter. However, we did actually leave the house today in order to have dinner with my aunt-in-law (and godmother) and her family. I was so giddy at the thought of not wearing a tank top with a pair of my husband's shorts that I decided to put on a dress and cute shoes and everything:

This is how lazy I am right now: the camera was slightly below me for maximum non-flattery. I didn't care.

That blue dress has been a staple every year in Greece for some time now. I bought it in the summer of 2008, when we didn't go to Greece for the summer. But this is the third year in a row that it's come with me in my suitcase. I did notice, however, on my way out the door, that it has a tiny stain on it that I hadn't seen last time I wore it, before we left for Hamburg. You can probably see it too. Oh, well. Time for laundry. I also wore my beloved red sandals that I left behind last August. I really love pairing the bright shoes with the bright dress: it might not be a perfect pairing, but that didn't stop me. I even upped the ante by wearing orange carnelian jewelry! Oh, Chalkdust, you're such a rebel. 

In other news, I'm in a bit of a style/styling rut...again. I'm thinking...should I grow my hair out? It'll take some time, so it might just be boredom talking. My husband has totally come around to the total other side and now tells me that I CANNOT have long hair ever again because he loves short hair on me. Maybe I should just wear bright red lipstick and call it a day, eh? OR, maybe my stylist will have an awesome idea when I see her in August with horribly overgrown witches' locks. What does Style Nation opine?

In other other news, since my times are all screwy with the US, I just found out a couple of minutes ago, that one of my favorite blogs, Academichic, is going away. I...think I'm a little too fragile for this right now. First Fashionable Academics went away. Now my other favorite "grad students are stylish, too" blog is leaving? People, I credit you with giving me the fortitude to finish my dissertation! It's because I defended, isn't it... DAMMIT! Anyway, in all seriousness, these amazing feminists have won a place in my heart forever because of their lovely photography, helpful tutorials, and charming styles. Unlike other blogs (*ahem* this one), it really made me think. I'll miss my daily fix of the Chics, but I wish them well and wish them luck on their journeys. 


Blue dress: Ann Taylor Loft, remixed
Red sandals: Tsakiris Mallas (?), Athens, remixed


  1. I love that blue, not something I have in my wardrobe at all. As for your hair, why not grow it out just a little. Not because you look better one way or another, but for fun (and so you can lop it off again, more fun!)

  2. I know, I'm missing both of those blogs too. They have probably dissolved because they knew you had your PhD in the bag. ;)

    I like this look. Beginning to think that the US heat wave won't pass until all fashion bloggers finally pose in the nude, thus solving all socially constructed distinctions.

  3. Terri, you joke, but I half considered doing that today or tomorrow! Uuugh fall can't come soon enough.

    I was surprised about Academichic closing too! I was impressed by how consistently fabulously they dressed (unlike yours truly) and how unapologetic they were about it, and it's been an inspiration to me.

  4. Sometimes I miss blogging at FA, but I'm really happy with the decision that I made. It was so time consuming, as I'm sure the Chics have found, although since they've never been frequent commenters on other style blogs maybe it was more manageable for them. I still dress stylishly and have fabulous shoes, but I no longer spend hours a week taking photos, writing posts, and reading and commenting on style blogs. I still read a select few - mainly those by people I feel like I have a connection with, such as yourself.

    I adore those red sandals!

  5. I feel the need to change up my hair every 6 months or so, so I'd definitely say grow it out a touch until you come back home - who knows, you may discover yet another great length for you!

    This dress is such a great color on you, and I LOVE it with the red sandals!

  6. I think the bright sandals and dress are a winning combination! I'm melting here in Ottawa too. I love your hair short, but you can rock long hair too. Maybe leave it in the hands of your stylist?

  7. Ah the menz, isn't it funny how they do not like the change? I love your blue dress, and I am jealous that you are in Athens, although it's probably equally ridiculously hot here.

    I guess the loss of our favorite blogs means that we'll have to step it up and fill the void. Oh wait except there's that "lazy" problem that I've always had.

  8. Cassy and Allison, since I won't have another haircut for exactly a month, I'm hoping that I can go with my hideously overgrown tresses to my stylist and announce that I'm bored. We'll see what she says...

    Terri and Millie, after two weeks in cold, rainy Hamburg, I'm not exactly complaining about Athenian heat. That said, I'm this close to just showing you a picture of me in a thin nightgown - that is how I've been dressed most of the day every day...

    Oh, R, we miss you, but in no way do I resent that you and the Chics have closed shop (plus, I still read your other blog in admiration). It IS a lot of work, even if you do it half-assed like me (unlike you guys) and there's a lot of times when I'm sure everyone wonders, "Is this worth it?"

    Thanks, Anne! As I said above, we'll see how my stylist reacts when I come home. And those red sandals are one of my favorites...

    Oh, Cynthia, remember how pissy he was when I cut it all off? The menz. And, um, I'm not sure if I can step up. You go first. :)