Monday, July 25, 2011

mea culpa

... Hey, people.

So, I haven't so much been posting, huh...

I can explain. I went out Friday and Saturday nights. I hung out in a cute, shorts-based outfit all day yesterday (Sunday). [Today, however, the most energy I expended was stirring mildly during my umpteenth viewing of 'Lawrence of Arabia.'] I did not take a single picture. The reasoning? I keep on forgetting that Athenian hang-outs - although they can start at around 2PM (like yesterday's) - can keep you up till at least 2 AM, making taking a picture of your outfit the last thing you want to do and you're so tired that the idea of washing your face free of make-up is odious and you start considering tattooing permanent liner onto your eyelids because the idea of ruining yet another towel with black smudges of eyeliner is just getting depressing.

... Not to mention brushing your teeth.

Or maybe that's just me.

Either way, folks. I'm sorry for my lack of interesting posting. I vowed to myself that this summer I would damn the embarrassment and force my husband to take cute blog-worthy pictures while we were actually out so that we could both document my outfits and our outings. That hasn't so much happened. So I'm a little frustrated.

In other news, though, tomorrow we're planning on hanging out in the city all day long. A picture will come of it.

It is written. 


  1. The internet will hold you to it! Otherwise, I don't believe you're actually in Greece :)

    Also, could you tell us what kinds of tasty things you've been eating there? Mediterranean food is my absolute favorite!

  2. What! no blurry bar outfits! I'm outraged! :)

  3. Anne, you're right. I might just be in Astoria. :) Ooh, I love the idea of talking about what I've been eating. I'll definitely talk about that!

    Terri, the sad thing is that our activities have been so PG-rated, that we're not even out late at bars - more like playing a cool mystery-based 20-questions-like game. Lord.