Saturday, August 30, 2014

How I wore it: quick errands

It's a beautiful day today, but - alas - yesterday Baby Boots woke up with a summer cold, so we want to take it easy this last weekend before the big grind starts again. Baby Boots (and my husband) still haven't woken up from their afternoon naps, so who knows - maybe we'll do something fun in a bit, but this morning we dedicated to a sorely-needed grocery run.

This is a typical summer outfit for me, recently:

Not yet wearing shoes, but just imagine black Birkenstocks with this…

As I've said, my aesthetic has been changing and I feel so much more myself in a fun tank and soft pants. One thing that we haven't talked about yet because I've been away from Style Nation for so long is my new-ish obsession with 'Game of Thrones.' Holy God, do I love that show. In terms of big spectacles, I think that it's the best thing on TV right now. And I'm totally a fangirl about it. So I own several articles of 'GoT'-inspired clothes, including these so-called workout tanks. Also, fun fact: on a certain quiz app on my phone, I'm ranked 4th-best in MASSACHUSETTS at 'GoT' quizzes. Woot!

The pants I've had for a little over a year. I was inspired by Natalie when I went through a massive reading of all her archives while in Greece last year. She herself loves harem pants (still don't like that term) and when I saw how these black ones looked on her, I ordered the same exact ones myself and warned my house sitter to expect a package from American Apparel in the mail. The effect is different, but I love them. They're my "nice" comfy pants. I wear them a lot to run errands or for travelling. Heck, I even wore them for the first day of meetings at work last year. 

Since it was a little chillier than we expected AND our local supermarket is always freezing, I threw on a light sweatshirt:

That, my friends, is a walrus sweatshirt. I bought it last winter, from here: there's amazing stuff here - go check it out! This sweatshirt has already become a workhorse: I love it for its neutral color, fun shape, and - of course, adorbs walrus. Is it bad that I kind of want to add to my walrus sweatshirt arsenal with this

Black pants: American Apparel (online)
'Game of Thrones'-inspired tank: waycooltshirts, via
Walrus sweatshirt: supermaggie

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