Sunday, January 20, 2013

Down to YOUR vote, Internet

All right, people. The morning after I wrote my last post, I went ahead and ordered those frames I loved so much. They arrived on Saturday morning and I'm ... kind of in love.

My first reaction, upon seeing them, was "They're so small!" It's true. They're downright puny compared to the large frames I tend to go for. Then I tried them on. And... after a few minutes, I started loving them.

The same thing happened to my husband. His first reaction to them (mind you, he was all numb and unhappy after getting a wisdom tooth removed) was, "Coooooool. But I don't know if I like them more than the ones you already have." Then I wore them for him again this morning. And his new reaction? "Okay, they're hot."

I mean, they're totes a new look. And I don't yet know if I'm ready to move away from my current look. But I might be. And if I am, I think these are the specs with which I'd like to do it.

To wit:

This is what I look like right now (after a long trip to a huge mall with my husband, parents, and one-year-old daughter. Tired!). Prada glasses are awesome, life is good.

These are the Ray-Bans. Ohmigod, I like them even more in photos. Sorry for the distance. Since they don't have real lenses in them, they were reflecting the computer like crazy. Anyways, ahem. Me likey.

Also, remember! Aqua surprise!

Admit it. I'm so attractive that you don't know what to do about it.

... I mean, right?!

So what do you guys think? Style Nation, my future look depends on your opinions! Leave a comment letting me know! 

On that note, there're so many cool specs things coming up in the near future! Stay posted!


  1. My opinion is that I love them. They totally work on you and I think they are different enough from the Prada ones that you could keep both in rotation to match with different outfits.

  2. I really love them! They're even cuter on than they are just by themselves!