Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas present!

Hi, y'all!

Soon enough you'll see my new boots, I promise. It's hard to get a picture after work, though, what with the baby wanting to take a nap on me as soon as I get home. I might have to do the iPhone in the ladies' room soon...

Anyway, my husband surprised me with a beautiful Christmas present a couple of weeks ago. We had noticed this particular piece in the window about a week or two beforehand and he was so smitten with it that he took the baby on a road trip to Brookline [not that far] to get it for me (thereby giving me a few blessed hours of sleep/work/shower time). On Christmas morning he made me close my eyes while he put it on me. The baby didn't care.

What do we think of my fun office?

Gorgeous, no? I wore it to my family's celebration later that day and my mother put it beautifully; she said, "It's so delicate, but - at the same time - bold." I think that's a great way of expressing it: it's so delicate and pretty and girly, but, WHAM! It makes a statement.

I actually asked my husband for another specific necklace way back in October or November, which he promises he ordered as WELL. It's kind of in the same vein, but a little rougher/harsher. We'll see if it arrives and I can show it off as well!

All right. Time to open my office door so that I look welcoming...

Necklace from Mattei Galleria in Brookline, MA

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  1. Umm, that necklace is AMAZING! You are right, it's definitely a statement piece, but without being all clunky and chunky (not that those are always bad, but that's not what this is) You have a good husband and baby to go get it for you :)