Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oh, heeeeeeey...

Dudes, I don't even know when my last post is. Life has gone by remarkably quickly and continues to speed by with this combination of baby and work and real life. I haven't looked at anyone's blog since, oh...March? April? My mother-in-law was in town for some of March, all of April, and some of May. Then my dad was in town for a week. Now my husband is home, taking care of Baby Boots until we can both do it, which will be shortly, as school finishes (FINALLY) this week. But, as you can imagine, the urge to self-photograph has been pretty...awkwardness-inducing. And the sad thing is that I have some cute new clothes and am able to wear many of my normal clothes and have been trying to put together cute-ish outfits (and succeeding, sometimes!), but... when I get home, I just want to change into yoga pants and hang out and nurse Baby Boots.

But I think it will be time to start again. I've been missing you all. And I hope you've been missing me as well. I'm going to slowly try taking pictures again and posting them and being awesome.

Another issue I've been dealing with is my own self-image. Although I'm happy to just be fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I've been - admittedly - not taking the best care of myself, nutrition-wise, and, as such, my weight's been fluctuating even more wildly than it would be naturally these days. As you can imagine, that also puts a damper on my enthusiasm to document myself. The good news is that I've resolved to improve my eating habits, both for me and the baby. And I'm going to try to enjoy these moments and not freak out. For example, last Friday (the 25th) was my husband's 33rd birthday. I wore a cute, postpartum figure-flattering maxi and dressed Baby Boots up in her prettiest dress. After dinner, my husband took a picture of us. Here is it:

My first reaction was to freak out about how enormous my arm looks and turn off my phone and pout. But the next day I took a closer look at the photo. Look at my face. Look how happy I look holding my baby in my arms and smiling at my husband. It shames me that I didn't notice that first, but rather made myself unhappy about my body. This is the very picture that made me realize that I need to get a better perspective on things - I want to focus on the good stuff in life right now and not the fact that I'm not as thin as I was a year ago. 

So, Style Nation, I'm going to try coming back again. Give it time and be patient. But I'm going to start trying to blog regularly again. Here goes...! 


  1. Welcome back! And just as you realized I didn't notice the arm at all until you mentioned it! Your face and little one are both beautiful. I found when I was nursing that it was hard on my entire hair fell out and I was often tired, tired, tired. I started taking bee pollen and it fixed what was ailing me. There were also foods I needed to avoid when I was nursing. Citrus was one. Have you found that to be true?

  2. That face Baby Boots is making is hilarious and amazing. I love it. Glad you ladies (and your gentleman) have been doing well! And for the record, you look great. I look forward to when you will grace us with more outfit-y posts again (that's my way of saying of course we miss you!)

  3. See, the first thing I noticed was your face -- radiant and beaming and joyous -- and then your adorable wee nugget. Like Terri, I didn't notice the arm at all until you mentioned it.

    Welcome back! Yay!