Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Go big or go home!

Now that I'm a nursing mother (a phrase that I toss around a little too often to justify sketchy actions such as buying Skittles from my school's store), I need to have access to my, er, chestal arena quite often. Even at work, where I pump two/three times a day in the privacy of my office. And, as I'm a nursing mother, my chestal arena is also a bit more expansive than it has been in the past. So how do I deal with access and modesty, especially in the high school environment?

I tend to swathe myself in scarves, which is always a good trick, but sometimes it gets a little old, as you can appreciate, especially as the weather gets nicer and nicer. So recently I've been going with a trick first taught, I believe, by the inimitable Sal. And what's that trick?

Why, a big ol' necklace!

Keepin' it classy at the French lab at work...

This big ol' necklace was a surprise Christmas gift from my husband, who knows that I love turquoise and Indian jewelry and red, and, thusly, found me the perfect stocking stuffer. I can't wear the necklace too much in my every day life, as I don't want to whack Baby Boots in the face, but it's perfect for work and it keeps my rather expansive neckline busy with its massiveness and pattern and, well, just plain presence.

So there you have it, folks. When the weather gets too warm for neck-coverin', a big ol' statement necklace will do great in a pinch. 

You're welcome.  


  1. I think he should buy a necklace just like that for all of your loyal readers. It would be like a blog badge ;)

  2. A lovely necklace put to good use!

  3. A nice variation. I once attempted to work while I was still nursing. At the time, I worked in a college bookstore as a trade book buyer. But, customers who came in with a crying baby could bring on the let down response. I learned that it might be a good idea to have an extra top around.

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