Sunday, November 6, 2011

How I wore it: slouchy

A weekend update! How novel and refreshing! I usually use my Saturday and Sundays as an excuse to do nothing and hibernate a little between each busy week. However, between last week's four-workday extravaganza (we had a freak snowstorm over Halloween weekend that WRECKED the power in a lot of MA suburbs, including the town where my school is located) and this week's THREE-day extravaganza (end of the second unit, which means I get to spend another four days grading - but in my house), I figured I could actually leave the apartment over this weekend.

Plus, my husband and I had an appointment at the hospital to take one of those all-day baby-preparation classes. Since I didn't really know what to expect for this nine-hour marathon, I decided to dress in a more casual version of my new favorite outfit:

Usually, I like to wear warmer colors with any boot that color (despite the obvious comparisons to Robin Hood / Peter Pan, a green top would've looked more natural to my eye, but maybe that's just me), but that blue top is so comfy and casual  and my suede fringed boots so soft and my beloved striped cardigan so cozy that I couldn't resist putting it all together and pretending that I was still asleep even while listening to a way too chipper nurse at 9 in the morning. 

Since I was already decking my feet out in suede, I decided to also pack my softest and slouchiest purse, one that y'all have never met:

Meet my thirtieth birthday present from my husband. You see, over the summer, he was agonizing because he hadn't yet gotten me a birthday present. Well, after all our travels throughout Greece, my awesome Pan Am bag died and I desperately needed a new carry-on for our flight back to the States. While we were killing time and looking for stuff at the Agios Dimitrios mall in Athens, I fell in love with this Zara bag (for men) and it became my husband's present to me. It's a total workhorse because it's huge and it's the only bag I trust on Fridays/Mondays, when I take all my stuff home with me from school to plan lessons over the weekend and then take it all back to school to live at my office again. 

Plus, since I was wearing black and blue and suede, I thought it only right to carry a black, blue, and suede bag with me. 

No one really noticed or appreciated it. That's okay. I was proud of myself...

Striped cardigan: Banana Republic, remixed
Blue dress/tunic: hand-me-down from a friend, by way of Old Navy Maternity, remixed
Leggings: HUE, via Lord and Taylor (Boston), remixed
Boots: Steve Madden, via Lord and Taylor (New York), remixed
Bag: Zara (Athens)


  1. There's a "blue suede shoes (boots)" joke in here somewhere...

    All jokes aside, that is one fantastic bag. And I've officially decided I want your husband to be in charge of all present buying for me.

  2. As a Mainer who didn't get hit too hard by the storm (for once, WOOHOO) I have to say: you guys down there... Ouch. Connecticut sounds *awful*. How do you handle wearing skirts in the winter? I'm going to make that attempt this year and it's so damn cold I usually cave in and nab pants instead.

  3. Your matching-ness is actually the first thing I noticed. Love the bag and it's totally not a dude bag, it's too pretty.
    Baby-prep class bring back some fun memories. I had to take one along with my parents while preparing for my brother. I was so mean to my "baby" that I am surprised they let my parents bring my brother near me, lol.

  4. Thanks, Katie! He does have a knack. Especially when I tell him what I want. It's awesome.

    GenkiOriana, I'm actually in MA. But, damn, winter in skirts is hard. At my last job, I had to wear skirts every single day. And no boots. It was all about being outdoors as little as possible...

    Thanks, Cassy! Baby-prep class showed us that we...are not natural swaddlers. Good to know.

  5. Oooooh, bag! I love this.
    I don't think anyone's a natural swaddler. Get the hospital nurses to teach you, they're amazingly skilled at the Swaddle Baby Chillout Technique.

  6. Kelly, I'm expecting the hospital nurses to teach us EVERYTHING.