Monday, November 28, 2011

New jewelry update

Ugh, short post tonight, y'all. I am TIRED. Coming back to school after a five-day weekend was pretty intense. I swear I saw real fear in my students' eyes when I attempted to teach them something (just as they saw the real fear in mine when I realized I had to teach them ... something).

Anyway, I wore two of the three things I received unexpectedly around Thanksgiving. Here they are:

You get crappy Photo Booth pictures because it's Monday

Here are the earrings my uncle and aunt sent from Buenos Aires. Pretty, no? I love the almost Moorish design of the metal (stainless steel, I believe) and the orange stone in the middle. Super-subtle, super-pretty.

You can see a chain hanging around my neck in the above picture. Because it was hard to get a real picture, I kind of tried to help:

So this is how the pendants look hanging from the necklace. But, as you can see, I'm holding the chain up pretty high. The charms themselves hit at around my belly button. They make an enchanting clinking sound when I walk. As I said before, this isn't really my usual style, but I'm so glad my husband bought me this necklace...

Anyway, I'm off to hit sleepy-time. Another long day tomorrow! And the next day! Until Saturday!


  1. Thanksgiving break is cruel, but it means we're that much closer to Christmas break. And that's just awesome ;) When I saw my students on Monday they all looked dead tired and acted irritable to be back in school. I tried not to do the same ;)

    I like the necklace: although it sounds wicked long. I'd love to see what it looks like with the whole outfit shenanigans.

    Hope your week goes by quickly!!

  2. Both the earrings and necklace are beautiful. You're making me want to go buy jewelry, which I'm not very good at. Maybe you can give me a nice jewelry-buying tutorial?