Monday, October 3, 2011

How I wore it: quick note

Ugh. Forgot to post earlier. Am about to go to sleep. Am attempting another post in this truncated style. Rainy day but also sunny today. Wore boots - maybe overkill?

Am feeling more and more like an apple on legs, but am getting into the happy, dreamy stage, too. 

Oh, this shirt? First item worn on blog donated by the lovely Kelly. Thanks, Kelly!

Must sleep. Good night! Happy Monday!

Striped tee: Gap Maternity, donated by Kelly
Denim skirt: Old Navy Maternity, remixed
Blue boots: Steve Madden, remixed


  1. I'm biased for liking this one because it looks exactly like the shirt I wore yesterday. I think mine might have been Old Navy even (so Gap's cheaper little brother, lol)

  2. Boots are never overkill. ;)