Monday, October 10, 2011

How I wore it: John and John

Guys, I have to admit - I really like four-day weekends. Yup. Remember how I work in a hippie feel-goodery? Anyway, the first five-week unit of the year ended on Friday, which means I have a four-day weekend. This happens every five weeks. Granted, I have to write comments for each and every single one of my students, but...I can do it at home. It's been awesome. On the second day of my mini-break (i.e, "Sunday," i.e., yesterday), my husband and I even were able to go out and socialize with real people. You see, one of his students had his senior recital last night and was premiering a piece of my husband's, so I decided that was an excuse to go fancy and wear contacts. It would've been, after all, John Lennon's 71st birthday (and y'all know how I am about celebrating Beatles birthdays). I also decided to wear pretty shoes in celebration of the recital and of the late John's birthday. So I celebrated by wearing boots made by another John:


It was fun to wear my beloved yellow Fluevogs again, although I was self-conscious as to whether or not they were smushing my legs too much (they weren't, for the record). My feet were a little more sore than usual after wearing them, but I also hadn't worn them easily since ... March? So, yeah. Since there wasn't so much walking, I thought I'd indulge a little and be "fun pregnant lady." They made me feel fabulous.

So, speaking of Johns... I've fallen in love again. And this time it's with a pair of Fluevogs, which I'd kind of written off as I just love Fryes so much more. But LOOK AT THESE:

taken from the Fluevog site, linked below

I may have uttered an 'Animaniacs'-inspired "Helloooooooooooooooo, NURSE!" at these when I saw them on the site (impressive, considering I haven't seen the show in fifteen years). Anyway, these are the Presence Intuit boots in black. I am so in love that it's not even funny. Argentine leather, people! These boots are my heritage. They also come in luscious grey, but I have beloved grey boots and... no black leather boots. Can you believe that? My husband, the rat bastard, who has been really good about discouraging me from buying anything expensive (because of the baby) and/or shoe/clothes-related (because of my potential/changing size(s)), took one look at these and said, "Those are really nice. You don't have black boots, do you? And your feet haven't changed size. You have money in the bank, you have a paycheck. You should buy them." Damn him. So now I'm all doubting my good intentions of not buying anything sartorial for myself until after the baby is born. That being said, I do want to check these out at the store. Maybe I'll hate the pointy toe on. Or maybe I'll fall in love so hard that I'll pay the $375 without balking and run. 

... Thoughts?

Taupe dress: Liz Lange maternity for Target, remixed
Yellow boots: John Fluevog, remixed


  1. The dress looks more olive than taupe to me, which looks great paired with those awesome yellow boots! Definitely fitting to celebrate Lennon's birthday. You've definitely nailed "fun pregnant lady" here.

    Your hubs does seem to be presenting good arguments in favor of the boots. To help enable, perhaps they could be a treat for you in celebration of the baby and the new school gig? They are really pretty, and every gal does need black boots.

  2. OOh. Those flat Vogs are incredible. I love them. LISTEN TO YOUR HUSBAND.