Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They're he-ere!

My boots came today! As promised! There's nothing like having a miserably long day at work and coming back to a beautiful, well-fitting pair of grey boots...I assume. Well, they're gorgeous in person and I'm very happy to add them to my huge arsenal of boots and slightly less huge arsenal of grey boots.

Here they are hanging out in front of my bathroom door! Forgive the crappy quality of the photograph: I'm not an experienced fashion blogger yet! They're pretty, though, yes?

But, do you think these guys will be jealous?

These are my old(er. I got them in August) grey boots. My darker grey booties. I was actually going dedicate my first outfit post on them. They're not my usual style, but they have really become among the most versatile shoes in my collection. They're casual enough to wear with skinny jeans; they look polished with their pointed toe; they're grey, which is the best of all neutrals and my favorite color in the world; and - once you get past the slight Peter Pan effect - look really cute with skirts. I wore them to a stuffy office party and out to dinner with a fancy Calvin Klein dress to celebrate my one-and-a-half-year wedding anniversary in the dead of winter.

My one fear, though, is that I will shun my other boots for the new Fryes. I already have planned to wear my blue Fryes over the weekend while I visit my family in New York. I can't be showing favorites already. That would be awkward.

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