Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday night checklist

What've you been doing all day?

I've been catching up on work that I didn't do yesterday (in other words, lesson-planning) and reading a blog. I'd heard of it a couple of times, but I'd never really visited. Today, intrigued by a Spanish tag on one of Sally's posts, I wandered over to the Fashionable Academics. Holy God! A bunch of graduate students posting their outfits and writing about being fashionable in higher academia! That's, like, my favorite thing. I started browsing through the archives and I'm still making my way through them. This is highly recommended reading.

Hey, it even inspired me to work on my dissertation for a few minutes!

[This, by the way, is my new resolution. As I work full-time in a rather soul- and time-sucking job, it is very hard for me to keep on track with my dissertation work in a field completely unrelated to what I do professionally. This has depressed me. So, I've decided to try to work on my dissertation every day that I can, even if it's only for a few minutes. Looking at pictures of fashionable academics inspires me so that one day I can be like them too.]

And, as it's Sunday, it was time to pull out the old weekly outfit list. Last week only TWO outfits that I decided on worked out in the end, due to bloating, VPL, and 19-degree-Fahrenheit highs. So here is my SKETCHY, at best, list for the coming week's outfits:

  • Monday: maroon jersey dress, thick grey stockings, mustard-y flats; long grey and black cardigan
  • Tuesday: charcoal full skirt, red sweater, thick black stockings, red wedges
  • Wednesday: beige corduroy skirt, black sweater, thick grey stockings, mustard-y flats
  • Thursday: black v-neck t-shirt, fancy black skirt, turquoise stockings, black flats; black cardigan
  • Friday: brownish tweed skirt; orange v-neck sweater; grey/brown stockings, mustard-y flats
Let's see how this one goes.

Every single student I have will be taking a test this week, which means 34 exams to grade by Wednesday night. We'll, uh, see how successful that will be.

Wish me luck!

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