Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've always been drawn to jewelry sets. My father would bring me home lapis lazuli jewelry from his frequent trips to his homestead, Chile. Often, he would bring me a matching set and I would wear it proudly. In high school, among other things, I was known for having a good array of jewelry and for matching it to perfection. It was a compliment. Now, older and married into an old-world Greek family, I often receive matching sets of jewelry. My husband's first gift of jewelry to me was a necklace with matching earrings. Almost a year later, he bought me a necklace, earring, and bracelet set. His aunt and uncle bought me a necklace/earring set as an engagement present. When I got baptized this summer, my godmother (AND aunt-in-law) gave a gold cross that went perfectly with a pair of earrings purchased earlier in the year by my father-in-law.

With the exception of the cross and matching earrings (because diamonds, gold, and precious stones are a rule unto themselves, dahling), I would never dream of wearing one part of the set without the other.

And I always thought that was normal.

However, back when I first started reading style and fashion blogs, I found out that it was "not well looked upon" in the blogosphere to match one's jewelry within a set. It's true! Some bloggers will eschew wearing a pair of earrings that they bought as a set with a particular necklace WITH THAT SAME NECKLACE in horror being too matchy-matchy.


I didn't even know that was a problem.

I mean, sure, I don't match my bag to my shoes. And I have no problem putting together separate pieces of jewelry in random ways. And I certainly have no problem wearing a gold bracelet on the same hand as my platinum engagement and wedding rings. But I can't imagine putting on, say, my carnelian necklace WITHOUT THE MATCHING CARNELIAN EARRINGS THAT CAME WITH IT. Maybe it's because I'm a little OCD?

However, I don't think that being matchy-matchy with respect to jewelry comes off as stuffy or old-fashioned. It's all in how you wear it, as it is with most things, I guess. But today, when I wore black clothes with only turquoise accents, I felt pretty sassy.

Hi there. That's me. Isn't the matching INSANE here? So, for the record, you see: one (but there were two) turquoise earring hanging from my ear, artfully matching my turquoise-accented cheap-o necklace, all tied together by my turquoise (and cream) scarf/wrap/dupatta. I held off on wearing my cheap-o turquoise ring and bracelet that I bought WITH the necklace because the ring turns my finger green after prolonged wearing and a school is no place for a ring with princess-y tendencies; I didn't wear the bracelet because I tend not to wear bracelets when I work: having something sliding on your wrist when you're writing on a blackboard does not lead to good times for me, I've noticed. However, if I'd been going out, I TOTALLY would've gone full-on necklace-earrings-bracelet-ring-scarf.

And it would've been magical.

Earrings: Banana Republic
Necklace: Accessorize [the slightly classier European version of a place like Claire's Accessories]
Scarf: Indian stall at the Prudential Mall in Boston
Barely-visible sweater: Gap

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