Wednesday, August 19, 2015


So... we're back from Greece and I didn't post once.

My bad?

We spent a whirlwind seven weeks in Athens/Lesvos/Sparta that felt like both the longest and shortest vacation ever. Baby Boots got to bond with her relatives and speak a lot of Greek and I was able to spend a little time doing the things I love: hanging out with family, biking, playing the uke, and reading Sanskrit poetry for fun.

I bought some new clothes, I wore a lot of new-to-the-blog clothes, and I photographed nothing. In fact, this is how most of my pictures went:

Selfie of the three of us at the castle on the top of the city of Molyvos/Mithymna, in the island of Lesvos/Mytilini, where we went for a wedding. You can see the top of a blue halter top I've owned since I was 24. Baby Boots is wearing a salmon-colored jumpsuit. FASHION.

We had a house guest in mid-July and we took him to the Acropolis, along with Baby Boots. I asked my husband to get a picture of us and, unbelievably, I am in fact wearing two new items of clothing that I bought in Molyvos:

That bike cropped tee and Panama hat were both bought on the island. Alas, I left the hat in Athens, but the shirt came home with me. My hair is a mess, which is why the photo isn't bigger. Magical.

We went out a few weeks after that and I took yet another selfie:

Same bike tee, although you can't see it. Baby Boots is rocking that smile, though. 

In the midst of all that, I turned 34. Yowza. This means that my husband and I have been together almost ten years (I was 24 when I met him). I started high school almost exactly TWENTY years ago. I am solidly in my mid-30s. The last year, 33, was a good one: I learned to take care of myself better, mentally, by doing things that I love, such as biking and playing music. I realized that I couldn't let myself be defined by what I do professionally (or, in my case, what I don't do professionally, i.e., teach Sanskrit). Despite all that, I ended up giving my first talk, at a big university, no less. There are hints of better things in the future on that end, perhaps. If that doesn't pan out, though, I think I'll be okay. I have high hopes for 34. And I hope to be better dressed than ever - or at least, wearing what makes me happier than ever.

So I leave you with this: a photograph that, while douchey and contrived, manages to be my favorite of the summer. I took it relatively early in the trip, when I was alone in our Athens apartment, in front of my computer, doing what I now love best (or at least tied for best):

High messy bun, big glasses, eyeliner and ukulele: that's me!

(Oh, hey, that tank top is relatively new...)

So, no. No Fashion Babe post today. But I hope you get a sense of what I was up to and don't mind the rambliness of this post. I have a lot that I'm looking forward to sharing in the upcoming days and weeks and - I hope - months. I'm sorry for not posting while abroad. See you soon!


  1. Well, think of it this way: we readers didn't have any photographic evidence to make us long to be in Greece and grumpy that we were here instead doing our ho-hum ordinary stuff. So . . . you did us a service, I guess! :) Anyway, welcome back--and, seriously, it's great that you had such a wonderful time and Baby Boots got to connect with her extended family.

  2. Okay, that's true! Thanks for the kind words: it was great and it's so fun to hear Baby Boots respond to us randomly in Greek now.