Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How I wore it: tones

I'll be honest. I thought about today's outfit for a while in advance and had a certain idea in my head as to how it would look. As usual, the execution was pretty different from the intent, but I still liked what happened and - most importantly - it worked well with today's weather. Most of my footwear  choices are based on weather, as I have to walk short - yet significant - distances on the days that I pick up Baby Boots from daycare:

Grainy! But without major photo adjustment, it's all a dark blur...

As I was saying, as it was raining, I knew I wanted to wear my awesome rain boots. Which automatically meant either jeggings/leggings (not for work) or a skirt/dress. Since the dress I wanted to wear was black and my boots are navy, I decided to go with teal stockings. The green/teal infinity scarf and green corduroy blazer just seemed like obvious choices. 

So apart from the black dress, all my other colors were in different tones of blue and/or green - there was a lot of clashing, but I think it all worked together in a symbiotic whole .What do you think?


Although the dream look was a touch more soigné than the actual execution, I ended up liking this. I felt collegiate and snuggly. A perfect combo.

It's late. Good night!

Black dress: Old Navy (online)
Teal tights: Gap, remixed
Navy boots: Steve Madden, remixed
Green blazer: Gap, remixed
Green scarf: Old Navy (online)

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