Sunday, October 7, 2012

How I wore it: home from work, work from home

Greetings from the second day of my first 4-day weekend of the year [at least six more to go]! I might be miserably unfulfilled in my work life, but DAMN, do I love the schedule. Anyway, the first five-week unit of the year has ended, which means that the students get four days off and the teachers get four days off - to grade and write comments. Well, at least we get to do it from the comfort of our own homes.

Anyways, Friday was a beautiful day, warmer and sunnier than it had been for a while, thus amping up the feeling of celebration felt by all the teachers and students. I decided to try to look classy:

Well, hello! That's fun, right? My workhorse red skirt with my beloved red wedges, my new favorite tank top and a cardigan my mom bought me last year which I've been wearing constantly, but never featured here. I was inordinately pleased with this ensemble and even got a few compliments (one from a stranger!) on the cardigan. The funny thing is that on the train to work, a sociable and garrulous man pegged me immediately as a schoolteacher. I guess I have that look, no? 

Since I pick up the baby from daycare, after taking photographs, I immediately change into comfy clothes for logical reasons. I had my favorite newish pants ready to go:

I kept the tank on

I ordered these awesome Indian saffron "harem" pants on Etsy, from this vendor. The cloth seems to be really from India, as it has the same exact smell as some cloth that I bought in Pune in 2004. The pattern on it is legit Sanskrit too, singing praises to Krsna and Radha. Both the waist and the legs are elasticized, and the overall impression is that of a dhoti (which is, of course, a masculine garment). Anyway, these pants are perfect for home wear and have even taken over my Athenian Nepalese pants with regard to their place in my heart.

So that's what it's been like chez moi. I've already written the comments for my good class and tonight and tomorrow I'll be working on the comments for the, um, other class. I only have nine students in that one, though, so it shouldn't take too long... 

Why, how do you spend YOUR days off?

Work outfit:
Striped cardigan: Ralph Lauren, gift from my mother
Grey tank: H&M (Athens), remixed
Red skirt: Dickie's brand, bought in a store called Guacamole in Philadelphia many years ago, remixed
Red wedges: CL by Laundry, by way of DSW, remixed

Home outfit:
Grey tank: same as above
Saffron "harem" pants: bought from BellyBeads store from


  1. That cardigan is excellent, so I don't blame you for wearing it all the time. It's nice that you have the time off from other duties while you're grading.

  2. That cardigan is most awesome and deserving of lots of compliments. I wouldn't say you have a "school teacher look," though. I would wear a similar outfit and I'm about as unfit to be a teacher as one can get!
    Hope you get some time to relax on your long weekend. My only goal for days off is to sleep in late by even 30 minutes. I hate when I have so many plans that I still have to get up before 6am

  3. Chalkdust's been too long. Glad to see you are back to blogging! I love this outfit and plan to copy it stat, as I have recently gone from grad student to high school teacher as well. Love the skirt and cardi together.
    Glad to see ya around, and congrats on the safe arrival of baby boots!

  4. Thanks, Raquelita and Cassy!

    EEEE! Miss B! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! And, yay, teaching high school! What's going on???