Monday, July 23, 2012

If there's anything I can do...

You know how yesterday I mentioned that I haven't really been online? Well, checking my e-mail, I discovered that you, my lovely readers, have been given an offer from eshakti, a fabulous online boutique that lets you customize many, if not all, of your orders! Although I was late to finding the e-mail offer (it had been sent to me on Friday), it's still valid until July 31st (that's next Tuesday!), so check it out!

If you enter promotional code CH27KZS (not case sensitive) while ordering, you will get 10% off your order! Doesn't that sound fun? The store is having a 40% off sale as we speak and you can use this code on the items on sale, too! While you can use this coupon multiple times, it's not applicable for their overstock category. 

I don't do much clothes shopping for myself these days for a multitude of reasons (still a little self-conscious about my postpartum body, need access to the chestal arena, etc.), but one dress that caught my eye (and it's on sale) is this little number: 

Droooooool, am I right? I might still buy it... and, despite not being applicable with the coupon, a certain denim maxi I saw in the overstock category (empire waist! Easy nursing access! In a slightly larger version than my pre-baby size so it won't make me feel bad about myself! On sale!). Oh, and I'm in love with every single dress in this category... Damn it, eshakti! Now I want to shop again. 

So, good luck! Have fun!  

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