Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How I wore it: my first, my last, my everything

Hey, y'all! Today was a difficult day for me, I have to admit. Yesterday it rained all day long in the Boston area, rain like I've never seen - it was worse than the monsoons I experienced in India ten years ago. At one point, I stepped into a puddle that reached my knees and my poor feet were soaked for ages - Sorels aren't that effective when the water seeps in from above. So my lovely new snow/rain boots are - as we speak - drying out in my bathroom with newspaper in them. So today I pulled out my old trusty blue Fryes - boots I've worn for many winters and, as it wasn't raining too much today, I survived with warm, dry feet. However, these boots have warped from so much use, I guess (I got them a little over five years ago), and they mangled my feet today. I keep on wanting to toss 'em, but on days like today, when my other boots are of no use, they really did come in handy.

Also I had an upset stomach much of the morning, so that really put a damper on the whole day…

Anyway, at least I brightened up my mood by my outfit choices:

My green hooded tunic is actually a maternity top. I wore it a couple of times in my pregnancy and a few times since Baby Boots was born. There's not much to say about this basic outfit: green top, blue jeans, and dark blue boots. At least they look really good, despite messing up my feet. 

It will be sad to bid adieu to these boots. They were my first-ever Fryes and they served me well. As I mentioned, I got them in the fall of 2009 and for much of my life in Boston/Cambridge, they've been my main rain and snow boots, but now that they're so messed up (for real, they give me a weird limp now), I've had to edge them out of my wardrobe gradually. I won't toss them yet - not until I have proper rain boots, as well - but their time has definitely come.

As Baby Boots saw me taking photos, she wanted to be part of it, naturally:

I love that her bun and my wisps are on the same side of our heads…

You can see in this photo how my right boot especially is all messed up. You see how I'm standing, as opposed to what the heel of my boot is doing? Yeah, not fun. 

Hope all of you are well and healthy!

Green tunic top: Old Navy Maternity (online), remixed
Jeans: Old Navy (online), remixed
Blue boots: Frye, by way of, remixed

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