Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's the time of the season for loving


So it's been four weeks (and two days) since I last posted. Oops.

Everything has been going great at C&B headquarters. Little Boots is growing day by day and keeping me fantastically busy, although my whole day is spent doing nothing really but feeding her. [It's amazing how much this post by Kelly, about Baby T, has been true to my life: this is what I've been spending my time doing.] I've been wanting to blog for weeks, actually, but the idea of having some time alone at my computer was...laughable. In fact, right now she's doing her long end-of-night/morning nap and instead of sleeping, which would be the SMART thing to do, I'm finally updating. That's how much I love you all, people.

Aaaanywho, I've just this past week started reading blogs again, so I haven't been updated, nor have I been commenting, so...I'll try to do better now.

Anyway, it's early February and in my world, there is one thing to be excited about in early February: glasses!! Yup, my yearly check-up is in one week and I'm desperately hoping to get new frames out of it. I've had my black Ray-Bans for two years now and my insurance covers new frames every two years. God, I hope my prescription will have changed. Which is kind of a sick thing to wish for, come to think of it.

Anyway, as I told y'all back in the day (probably due to watching too many shows set in the 60s, such as 'Mad Men' and 'Alcatraz'), I've been falling in love with Ray-Ban's Clubmasters (in black or tortoiseshell). I have no idea whether or not they'll look good on me, but I'm determined to give them a try if my eye doctor has 'em. Anyway, while I was browsing through the Ray-Ban page the other day (to look at glasses some more, which I could really do all day), I found these little dears (they're a new release!) and promptly fell in love. Now I don't love the black, as the frame is a little thinner than what I'm normally attracted to, but, oh, the possibilities (plus, I want to go more tortoiseshell in order to lighten up the look: I have such dark hair and wear black eyeliner and a lot of black's time for a switch, no?)!

This is the frame with which I'm the most in love:

Since they are new, I really do hope that my guy carries them, because I would love to try them on. Unfortunately, I've found out that my husband prefers black frames and finds tortoiseshell a little aging (though his opinion is moot if I like them a lot), but I found a nice couple of compromises for him:


I think these are kind of cool, although they're brown and still potentially in the "aging" category that my husband criticizes... Those would be choice three. 

Choice number two?

Dudes, grey glasses! That fade out! Hamazing, am I right? My mom loved these on the website and said that this kind would probably lighten my look a lot as well. 

On that note, have y'all noticed how popular the fade-out look is on glasses nowadays? I first noticed it when trolling on the Warby Parker website (although the style didn't look as great on me as I'd hoped) and, since my eye was attuned to it, I started noticing it a whole lot. What do you guys think of this look? Have you noticed it as much as I have? Do I notice others' glasses way too much?

On second thought, don't answer that... 


  1. When I think back on my days of being a new mom, I can't imagine even trying to blog. In fact, the entire first year with each of my babies felt like one long exhausted dream. Of these frames picks, I like #2 the best.

  2. It has been almost two years since I got my current pair of frames, so I should probably look into making an appointment with the eye doctor.... I really like your top choice!

  3. I really like the tortoise shell frames! I had black glasses for a long time, and switched to brown frames with last year's prescription and I love how different of a look they give me! I had lightened my hair up a bit, so black was starting to feel a little too severe for me. With your coloring, I'd be interested to see how the tortoise shell and gray frames look.

  4. Terri, I'm glad to know that it's NOT weird to be too overwhelmed to do anything but sit on the couch and nurse a baby during these first few weeks - now I'm even happier that I got to blog!

    Thanks, Raquelita! I LURVE glasses-shopping!

    We'll see how it goes, Anne - wouldn't it be sad if my prescription were to remain the same?!

  5. T is almost ten months old and I STILL can't get back to blogging. It's not at all weird to be overwhelmed. Sitting on the couch, cuddling and nursing sounds like more than enough right now, while Little Boots is still so Little!

    I really like the grey fade-outs.

    When you're ready to venture out for coffee, I'd love to see you!

  6. Yay! Kelly, I was planning on e-mailing you! I'd love to do something in the near-ish future!